Turbo Jet
BD - 5 Fiberglass Turbo Jet KIT
Cougar 76.8in Fiberglass Turbo jet
Fire bird fibreglass tubo Jet KIT
Fire Bird Jet Trainer turbo jet KIT
L-39 fibreglass Turbo Jet KIT
M 346 Fiberglass Turbo Jet KIT
Turbine Version Futura 59" 1500mm 6kg EPO Jet with EP Brakes
Turbora 1.4m Turbo Jet KIT
Turbora 4 - 8 kg turbo jet KIT

New Products For October

F3A PNP and KIT Profession ANGEL Electric Airplane
F16 70mm PNP and KIT
Freewing A-6 PNP and KIT 80mm
Freewing Super Scale P-51D Mustang PNP and KIT
Freewing F-22 Raptor PNP and KIT
Freewing Space Walker PNP and KIT
Freewing EF-2000 Eurofighter PNP and KIT RC EDF Jet
Freewing Stinger PNP and KIT 64mm EDF Jet
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