To ensure that the tracking information is 100% accurate, we would like to urge our customers to copy the tracking information they have received via email and paste it into the carriers web address. The tracking information that is provided within the email is only an ESTIMATED DELIVERY DATE.

Shipping to a Third-Party Address: 
If the alternate shipping address is on file with the bank that issued the credit card, then order processing will not be delayed. Please have the alternate shipping address on file in the notes or memo section of your credit card account. If the alternate shipping address is not on file with the bank that issued the credit card, order processing may be delayed due to additional verification information needed to make sure that the credit card account is not lost or stolen. We take this extra measure to protect our customers and ourselves from any fraudulent credit card issues. 
Note: For fraud prevention purposes, reserves the right to verify orders through a variety of means which might include phone verification, requests for a copy of credit card (covering up everything except the name and the last 4 digits on the credit card) and drivers license (covering everything except the name). reserves the right to cancel your order and void/credit the corresponding credit card charge if we are not satisfied as to the authenticity of the order. Use of fraudulence credit cards will be prosecuted, and your info will be forwarded to the FBI for investigation.

International Shipping: 
F-Hobby offers international shipping to most of the countries worldwide. To see if your country qualifies for delivery, please look at our shipping calculator on the check out page. If your country is listed under one of our shipping locations we will ship to that country. KEEP NOTE: Some items that are considered over size will not qualify for international shipping and you will be notified via e-mail that the order has been canceled.



Save money on your orders with a combined shipping discount! We are more than happy to combine shipping on multiple purchases to save you money on shipping. We do require that all items must be paid for via a single payment. This makes it possible to match your items up for shipping, and eliminates the extra fees we get charged when separate payments are made -this allows us to pass the savings on to you. If separate payments are made, the full shipping charge for each item will apply. 

How can you get combined shippng?

1) Add all the items you want into your shopping cart. When you are finished shopping, go into the shopping cart (the cart icon is in the upper right hand corner of the page) and click on the "CONFIRM ORDER" link. Then wait for us to send you an invoice with combined shipping.

2) Have 's system can do an automatic combination for you. system will charge you full shipping for the item with the most expensive shipping and add an additional amount for each item you add to the order. This works well if all items are heavy, or you only have a few items. If you are buying lots of small items, or items that are very different in size, you will usually get a much better rate using either option #1 or option #3. 

3) You can click "Add to Cart" on all the items you want - but do not pay for them yet. When asks you to pay, instead just continue shopping. When you have agreed to buy all the items you want, click on the "Request Total from Seller" link on one of the order pages, and wai for us to send you a combined invoice.

We offer combined shipping as a courtesy to our buyers - please help us to continue offering these discounts by adhering to the instructions above.


Shipping & Handling

All items are shipped from our facilities once order processing and order packaging is completed. Usually this is done within one to two business days. we will choose the faster and safe way to send out the goods.

Please Note The Shipping Processes Explained In Full Detail Below:

Tracking Number: 
The tracking number will be provided based on the shipping method selected for the order. This number will be assigned as soon as the order has been packaged, stamped, and placed in the shipping container.all this you can track on

How much does it cost to ship to my country? 
Here are the steps to calculate the cost of international shipping:
1.) First, click "Add to Cart" for the item you are interested in.
2.) Next, click Upper right corner"Check Out" to open a  account or use your own account.
3.) Enter your address information, and select your country.
4.) Finally, click "Submit the Information" and this will calculate the total cost of shipping for the item(s).if you have any question ,please send email to us


Delivery time

China parcel or HongKong parcel averages 10-40 days for delivery. This is an inexpensive, but slower delivery option.  This is a consolidated service where the post office gathers a bunch of packages going to the same area together to ship in a single container as a bulk shipment rather than shipping each package individually. This makes it much less expensive than regular airmail - BUT IT CAN ALSO TAKE MUCH LONGER because it is routed in the most economical way by the post office. This service also offers limited in-transit tracking. The tracking number will not register until it clears customs. By Selecting this service, you agree to allow up to 40 days for delivery. If the package does not arrive within 40 days we can issue a refund or send a replacement. PLEASE DO NOT CHOOSE THIS SHIPPING METHOD IF YOU CANNOT ACCEPT THE LONGER POSSIBLE TRANSIT TIME OR IF YOU CANNOT ACCEPT THE LIMITED TRACKING.


EMS or E-EMS  averages 5-20 days for delivery, but can take as long as 35 days.This choice offers improved in-transit tracking. By making this purchase you agree to allow 35 days for the item to arrive. If it has not arrived by then we can file a loss claim and issue a refund or send a replacement package.


We will deliver your item to the post office quickly, but any time you are dealing with two post offices, two governments, customs clearance, and thousands of miles of distance - items can take a while to arrive. If you need a guaranteed delivery date, please ask for a shipping quote for Express Mail.Please understand that once we give your package to the postal service, we have no control over how the postal service routes your package or how long customs takes to clear the package for delivery.


The buyer is responsible for all customs, duties, and taxes. These charges are normally collected by the delivering freight (shipping) company or when you pick the item up please do not confuse them for additional shipping charges. As a seller we have no way of knowing if your government will charge you these taxes, or how much they will be. You are responsible for all taxes and duties.

Flammable items such as Paints (non-water based or flammable), Fuels, Li-Po batteries and similar items cannot be shipped internationally.

Some countries have restrictions on what may be imported into that country - please make sure you can legally import the item before you bid. Some countries have size restrictions on packages. If you are ordering large items such as airplane kits, please contact us before you bid so we can make sure the item can be shipped to you as there are size restrictions to some countries.


The listed shipping and handling charges include insurance againstloss or damage for all items (foreign and domestic).


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