RC Glider
4 CH Super Dimona RC Sailplane Glider PNP and KIT
ASW28 Electric and glider version PNP and KIT
Butterfly Pod and Boom V-Tail RC Glider 1.14m wingspan
DG-505 2.6M Glider ,Electric and glider two version
FlyFly ASK-21 Air Cadets and KLW ,electric and Glider version,PNP and KIT
FlyFly Condor Magic EVO 4 Slope PNP and KIT RC electric and glider version Glider model
Flyfly DG-808S 4m/157'' RC Glider Electric Motor Version
FLYFLY DG1000 PNP and KIT RC electric and glider version Glider mode
FlyFly Geronimo 2.0m Electric Glider ,PNP and KIT
FlyFly Geronimo 3.0m Electric Glider PNP and KIT
Flyfly Grob-G-103 PT-PJG and PT-PJE 3m Glider and Electric Glider With Brake,PNP and KIT
NIMBUS 4 WITH BRAKE,Glider and Electric version
Speedy FiberGlass RC electric Glider 1.6m wingspan PNP and KIT
Trendy Electric RC Glider Balsa/Composite 2.25m wingspan PNP and KIT
U-Glider PNP and KIT Break-resistant with aileron
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New Products For June

Sky Flight F-4 PNP and KIT TWIN 70mm Trainer Airplane
Sky Flight F4F PNP and KIT 2.4G 8ch with folding wing
Sky Flight F-22 PNP and KIT twin 70mm 3D Vector Thrust Aerobatic
Sky flight T50 PNP and KIT Twin 70mm EDF
Sky flight 1.2m F4U Corsair PNP and KIT 12 CH RC Warbird Airplane
Sky flight Hawk 64mm PNP and KIT 8ch
Sky flight Sorceress PNP and KIT
Sky Flight F-16 70mm Fighting Falcon PNP and KIT
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