Freewing EF-2000 Eurofighter PNP and KIT RC EDF Jet
Freewing F-104 Starfighter 90mm EDF Jet PNP and KIT
Freewing F-15C PNP and KIT Eagle Super Scale 12-Blade 90mm EDF Jet in "Gulf Spirit" Scheme
Freewing F-16C Super Scale 90mm PNP and KIT
Freewing Stinger 90mm PNP and KIT Extreme Performance Jet
Freewing Super Fighter F-18 PNP and KIT F/A 18E
Freewing T-45 Goshawk PNP and KIT 90mm RC JET
Lander Mig-17 90mm ducted fan RC Jet Already Fully Painted With Full Metal Retract & Suspension PNP and KIT
LANDER T-33A 90mm ducted fan RC Jet PNP and KIT
Taft Hobby Cobra 90mm EDF Jet 6S and 8S PNP and KIT
Taft hobby SUPER Scorpion 90mm Jet 8S and 6S PNP and KIT
Taft Hobby Viper V3 BK PNP and KIT
Taft Valkyrie 90mm EDF Jet 6S and 8S Version PNP and KIT
Taft-Hobby Quantum 90mm EDF Sport Jet 6S Version PNP and KIT

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