Metal Ducted Fan
70mm Full Metal Ducted Fan JP Hobby , 3055 KV2250 Motor, 3055 KV3300 Motor, 3055 KV2060
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90mm Full Metal Ducted Fan JP Hobby with three Choice Motor: 4250 KV1750 Motor(6S)4250 KV1330(8S )4250 KV1050(12S)
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EDF Ducted Fan RC Lander metal ducted fan 68mm (5 blade) with Motor
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EDF metal Ducted Fan RC Lander DPS 50mm (10 blade) / 3S 4000KV and 4S 3300KV
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JP 120mm Full Metal ducted Fan with Motor
JP Full Metal 105mm ducted Fan with Motor
RCLander New Dynamic V3 70mm SMF with Motor For 4S -6S (10 Blade)
RCLander New Dynamic V3 90mm Ducted fan with Motor For 6S-12S (12 Blade)

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