Car EZRUN ESC :MAX8 150A,MAX5 200A,MAX6 160A,MAX10SCT 120A,60A,WP 80A,WPSC8 120A for RC car ,electrics speed controller
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HobbyWing FLYFUN ESC:100A HV OPTO V4,100A OPTO V4,100A V4,60A V4,60A OPTO V4, 40A V4.2,40A OPTO V4,30A V4,18A V4.3,12A V4,10A V4,6A V4
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HOBBYWING PLATINUM ESC:130A OPTO V4,130A V4,120A V4,80A V4,60A V4,160A V4,200A OPTO V4,50A V3,100A OPTO V3,100A V3
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HobbyWing QuicRun ESC for RC car: WP 1625 25A,WP 16BL30 30A,WP 1060 60A,WP 10BL60 60A,10BL60 Sensored 60A ,WP 860 Dual 60A,WP 8BL150A
HOBBYWING SKYWALKER ESC:80A,60A,50A,40A,20A,15A,12A,6A,25A*4
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Hobbywing UBEC:3A,5A,8A,10A
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Hobbywing Xrotor ESC for Quadcopter:15A,10A mini,10A,20A,40A
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HobbyWing Xrotor pro ESC for Quadcopter:PRO 20A 4IN1,PRO 25A Circular,PRO 25A 3D,PRO 40A,PRO 40A 3D, PRO 50A
XERUN:XR10 PRO 160A,XR8 Plus 150A,XR10 Justock 60A,Stock Spec V3.1 100A,120A 1S V3.1,120A V3.1,SCT PRO 120A
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New Products For April

Taft Hobby Cobra 90mm EDF Jet 6S and 8S PNP and KIT
4 CH Super Dimona RC Sailplane Glider PNP and KIT
Taft hobby SUPER Scorpion 90mm Jet 8S and 6S PNP and KIT
Taft Hobby Viper V3 BK PNP and KIT
BAE HAWK T-45 Blade 64mm EDF Jet PNP and KIT
RCLander 70mm F16 PNP and KIT
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